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I love working with audio. Listening to podcasts constitutes about 90% of my media consumption, and I know what the format can offer over other media. I've been dabbling in audio production since high school, and I plan to continue in the future.

My show at KNDS was Fünkenstein, a weekly hour-long block of my co-host Mike and I waging an auditory war against the sky. Among our many bad ideas was K5 - our annual Christmas special, our sporadic 1940's Radio Plays, the semi-annual Summerjam Spectacular, Will Smith Appreciation Day, and other assorted stupidity. I ran the show for four years before passing it to Mike, who promptly let it die. Can't trust that guy with anything.

Mystery Pie is (was?) a show about four(five?(six?)) friends eating weird food (food?) and talking about stuff most people don't care about, like the precise level of spite one can have for the makers of an off-brand fruit snack. Originally a bi-weekly venture, we stopped production on it long ago. However, on dark, stormy nights, you can still hear its screams from inside the old facebook page on the hill.

In my down time, I'll sometimes hop into Mixlr to feed the disgusting broadcasting habit my radio career has instilled in me. Sometimes I talk, but more often than not, I just share what I'm listening to. Very mellow - kind of like NPR, but with better music. Pairs well with red wine.