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Writing is arguably my primary marketable skill. Or, at least, it's the skill that I've gotten the most work out of.
I've had quite a bit of practice writing in academia, and recently got my first professional writing gig. 

Working as Quotacy's Communications Coordinator, one of my primary duties is generating content for our blog about the life insurance application process. It's a lot of technical stuff, but I like slipping jokes in whenever I can to keep it entertaining.

The Spectrum is NDSU's student newspaper, which I had the opportunity to write for as a reviewer for the Arts and Entertainment section. Thanks to my work at KNDS, I had access to early review copies of a few albums, which I reviewed for release.

Lyric Arts: Intern's Blog

"We all start somewhere!"

Lyric Arts is the community theater in Anoka, MN, where I worked as an intern between my Freshman and Sophomore years, handling PR for the 2013-2014 season of plays and managing our social media presence. I wrote a weekly series of blogs for the site, and made a few too many jokes about Bob Ross. You can reach most of them from here.