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Hey There.

My name is Eric Lindholm, and this is a website.

I write, produce, and talk to people.

Currently, I'm the Communication Coordinator at Quotacy, an online life insurance agency. There, I produce, film, direct and edit videos explaining complex life insurance concepts in easy-to-digest bites. I also write for the Quotacy blog, and produce their Real Life podcast.

In my down time, I run a youtube channel, DownBack, with some of my close friends. It’s a fun, silly time.

Before working at Quotacy, I studied at North Dakota State University, graduating with a BS in Advertising and a minor in Journalism. While I was at NDSU, I worked for the Departments of Communication and Residence Life as an intern and an RA, respectively.

I was also the President and Media Team Lead of NDSU's AdClub, which pitched a campaign for Snapple in the 2016 NSAC conference, one of the longest-serving DJ's at KNDS, NDSU's student radio station, and a contributing writer for the Spectrum, NDSU's student newspaper.

I specialize in audio and video production, writing for mass audiences, live oration, and fighting games, particularly Street Fighter.

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