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I work at Quotacy, which is an online life insurance brokerage. This means we’re kind of like a matchmaker for life insurance. People come to us looking for coverage, and we help them find the best policy for them.

Working there, I’ve gotten a pretty good grasp on editing for clarity and education. I also got to edit some slo-mo footage of us taking a flamethrower to some snowmen, which was pretty fun as well.


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DownBack started because my friends and I wanted a reason to hone our video production chops, play some video games together, and make something fun. Also, the URL DownBack.Club was available, and that's a damn good URL. I was inspired by elegantly produced longform personality-driven gaming coverage from places like Giant Bomb, Streamfriends, and Waypoint, and even if we never get any views, it's still fun to make. Check out our 24-hour charity marathon and listen to me slowly go insane.


I served as the President and Media Team Lead on NDSU's team for the National Student Advertising Competition. My primary capacity was media research and budgeting, but due to our team's relatively small size, I was able to have a hand in everything from our competitor analysis to audio production on our ads. Large amounts of the copy I wrote made it into the final plans book, and the budget and scheduling of our campaign are my two largest contributions to the project.

The Snapple Pitch:
NSAC 2016

See our completed plans book