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Photo Credit | Cult Records

Photo Credit | Cult Records

New York vocalist ‘Har Mar Superstar’ seeks to incorporate elements of both old and new fads to supplement his folksy groove. With a vast array of acoustic instrumentals and digital recording techniques, his second album ‘Bye Bye 17’ is full of juicy hooks and a near-inescapable groove.

Har Mar, known offstage as Sean Tillmann, is something of a hidden gem in New York’s music scene. He’s had a great deal of success, but has really avoided the mainstream spotlight. Debuting in late 2000, with his single, ‘Shopping Spree,’ he has gone on to work on several profitable projects, including multiple movie soundtracks and collaborations with other artists.

Tillmann’s tracks sport smooth jazz instrumentals and skillfully played basslines, but at his core, Har Mar is a vocalist, and it is his soulful vocals that tie the entire piece together. Until the writing of this review, I had believed that multiple vocalists were involved, but the range of emotions Har Mar can project through his voice alone is incredibly vast and impressive unto itself.

Riding the success of his new album, Har Mar is currently on tour as a headlining act, making his way from California to the East coast over the course of two months. His tour has received an immense amount of praise, and the songs from his new album are in full effect. The tour will reach the Midwest by early May, so you’d better pick up your tickets soon.

I personally recommend track 1, ‘Lady you shot me,’ as a primer to the album as a whole, as its smooth vocals and tight groove made me come back to listen again and again. Another track to try would be Track 10, ‘Late Night Morning Light,’ for a more lighter and more downtempo rhythm that highlights Har Mar’s impressive range as a vocalist.

Overall, ‘Bye Bye 17’ delivers an incredibly fun experience for those seeking indie rock with a little bit of swing thrown in. Har Mar’s crisp delivery and the production value of the album make it universally solid, and while not every song will make you tap your feet, there’s a very good chance that quite a few will.

I give ‘Bye Bye 17’ by Har Mar Superstar a nine out of 10.